No-Cost or Low-Cost LEDs

United Energy Strategies, through its relationships in the commercial, institutional, and government building marketplace, developed massive buying power to secure significant subsidies from LED manufacturers, in addition to securing utility incentives, which are passed through to building owners nationally to receive LEDs either at no cost or with such low cost so that energy savings produces a payback often within a 90-day period.

United Energy Strategies provides LEDs of all types, including interior and exterior fixtures, lighting controls, LED T8 tubes, and LED lamps. United Energy Strategies performs a Concept through Completion role in developing and implementing LED lighting strategies for building owners. That role includes:

  • Arranging audit of existing lighting and operating conditions
  • Specifying LEDs that produce the best results and economics for the building
  • Testing LEDs to assure proper lighting quality and color
  • Installing demonstration fixtures for approval
  • Preparing an Opportunity Report of proposed LEDs, energy savings, project cost, rebate, and payback
  • Supplying the LEDs
  • Overseeing self- or contractor installation
  • Generating all rebate paperwork and managing utility requirements for rebate qualification
  • Handling any warranty issues

Germicidal HVAC UVC Solutions for COVID-19


Most often, spread of novel corona virus from person-to-person is believed to happen among close contacts (about 6ft). Person-to-person spread is thought to occur mainly via respiratory droplet nuclei produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes, like how influenza and other respiratory pathogens spread. These droplet nuclei can land in the mouths or noses of people who are nearby and possibly be inhaled into the lungs. If these droplets are hearty enough to survive a period of time in the air, they can be spread in a building by the air handling system.

Previous Corona family of viruses have shared similar traits of vulnerability to UVC at varying dosage (see below chart). Viruses that are airborne can be safeguarded against with high doses of UVC in the air stream. An ultra-violet lighting system has control mechanisms to stop that spread.

In-room and handheld UVC products are also available.

HVAC Maintenance & Energy Savings

Why do building engineers clean HVAC coils?

Simple. Virtually all HVAC systems attract mold and other microorganisms.
The result of this is:

  • Greatly reduced energy efficiency and higher HVAC cost;
  • Bacteria delivered throughout the building’s ducts; and
  • Expensive cleaning only partially reduces this build-up, but the accumulation begins again immediately.

The problem never goes away. 

An ultra-violet lighting system destroys mold and bacteria to:

  • Return and maintain coil efficiency as new to save possibly 20% HVAC cost
  • Eliminate the need and cost for coil and drain pan cleaning
  • Greatly improve indoor air quality

Paybacks are estimated to be in the 12- to 24-month range.

The management team of United Energy Strategies has been implementing the Steril-Aire UVC strategy for building owners since 2005.